IndyMac: Mini Bank Run, Thanks to Schumer

WATCH LIVE: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to discuss health care "Well, Jane, I’m down here at Indymac and there’s still no sign of a bank run. This is a big surprise given the recent news about the bank." And Jane replied, "Thanks, Jimmy! Keep us posted and be sure to let us know at the first sign of a run on the bank." What happened a day later? A run on the bank! Color me surprised.

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IndyMac: Path To Failure. July 1: IndyMac responds to Schumer’s letters, saying it is working with regulators to improve its safety and soundness. Stock closes at 65 cents. July 7: IndyMac alerts the Securities and exchange commission that, "The Bank has continued to experience elevated levels of deposit withdrawals since Senator Schumer’s.

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Indymac Responds to Letters Sent by Senator Charles Schumer (hat tip Nemo) [A]s a result of sen. schumer making his letters public and the resulting press coverage, we did experience elevated customer inquiries and withdrawals in our branch network last Friday and on Saturday of roughly $100 million, about of 1% of total deposits.

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Best Answer: I work for IndyMac and am devastated with this outcome. Mr. Schumer panicked depositers & shareholders alike. He caused thousands of people to lose their jobs and millions of shareholders to lose money. I can only hope that what comes around goes around and that he is not re-elected. I’m.

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JPMorgan reportedly selling $373M prime new issue RMBS Another month, another offering of private-label residential mortgage bonds from JPMorgan Chase. Like the first four deals of the year, the $650.5 million J.P. mortgage trust 2018-5 is backed by a mix of loans that could have been sold to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac and loans that meet all of the credit criteria for sale to one of the government-sponsored enterprises, except for their size.