Are we headed toward a ‘retail apocalypse?’

 · Could it happen again? In a 2011 CNN poll, almost 50 percent of Americans believed it could. They thought it would happen within a year. Fortunately, they were wrong. However, many people are still worried about a depression reoccurring. Others are convinced we are already in a depression. They can’t see where the drive for growth will come from.

Guidance raise offers further evidence that the retail apocalypse is overstated. ex and debt reduction. We don’t know when the next true market crash will be, and both of these moves will help.

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What’s unfortunate–and not the least bit useful–is the tendency to declare that physical retail is dying and that we are going through some sort of "retail apocalypse. concepts will continue.

It effectively serves as my “cheat sheet” heading into earnings season. led to longer-term declines far more severe than.

Companies Going Out of Business in 2019 The long-standing tradition of brick-and-mortar stores will always continue; however, the future of retail is headed towards the mobile space. The days of e-commerce are transitioning to m-commerce, and if retailers want to avoid the cold hands of the retail apocalypse, they need to combat it by developing their own retail app.

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“Debt maturities are also headed toward record levels over the next five years,” noted the news site Retail Dive in a December report, “and retailers are filing for bankruptcy at a record rate.” The trend toward retail bankruptcies, in other words, shows every sign of continuing.

 · ”We’re in the middle of a multiyear retail purge. Companies are finding that when it comes to stores, less is more.” [ Toys R Us to close all 800 of its U.S. stores ]

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Big retail drugstores aren’t going to vanish any time soon. But we may be heading towards a future where there are fewer of them, they look a lot different, and potentially aren’t as profitable.

Now the grocery industry appears to be heading toward a similar fate. Like mall-based retailers did in the 1990s, supermarkets have been expanding rapidly across the US in recent years.

The “retail apocalypse” is here, and every “expert” out there is telling investors to “Short” brick-and-mortar retailers. wait, no, they should “Buy” retailers on the dip. Then there are those who try to explain that this isn’t really an apocalypse, and that this specific retailer is.