Bear Stearns Makes $1 Billion Bet on Continued Subprime Woes

 · Capital One said that the fourth-quarter 2007 provision for loan losses was approximately $1.9 billion. This is made up of approximately $1.3 billion in charge-offs and an allowance build of about.

In February of this year, HSBC (down $0.89 to $89.86, Charts) reported a loss of $1.8 billion on its portfolio of subprime. stock investors continued to hope that the crisis would pass. In mid-July.

The secret history of Bear Stearns' collapse – Mar. 3, 2009 – By looking back to the roots of the misadventure in which bear stearns traders ralph cioffi and Matthew Tannin lost roughly $1.6 billion while allegedly misleading investors, Cohan illustrates how the missteps of the few can have consequences for the many.

The risks associated with the vast, unregulated market for credit default swaps played a crucial role in the bailout of bear stearns. written 7 billion in swaps, which are privately traded.

As a consequence of the filing, Bear Stearns seized $1.3 billion of underlying collateral – Cioffi’s panoply of illiquid mortgage-backed securities – that it had been financing for all of one month and absorbed it onto the firm’s balance sheet.

Let's review some of the reasons why this was "not" Bear Stearn's fault:. in foreclosures, then a sub-prime implosion, a housing debacle, derivative collapse, the $3 billion bailout (which turned out to be profitable for asl involved) was Long Term's. Wall Street Ponders Extent Of the Woes At Other Firms

NEW YORK AP – Two former Bear Stearns managers were arrested Thursday on securities fraud and other charges linked to the collapse of a hedge fund that bet heavily on subprime mortgages before the.

In July 2007, two Bear Stearns offshore hedge funds specializing in mortgage. of subprime mortgage backed securities, and the subprime market went cold.. had a blow-out [profit and loss] month, making over $1Bln that month.". bet that the securities would collapse, and made $5 million on that bet.

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The last minute effort by Bear Stearns. in the subprime sector helped make shorting subprime-which hedge funds did through a complex array of swaps and derivative products offered by investment.

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1 Stocks continued to. two fund managers from Bear Stearns were arrested by the FBI for misrepresentation of their funds. This situation caused investors worldwide to lose billions of dollars. Bear.